ConFLOSS 2022

Thu 18 Aug

Cerimônia de abertura


Someone heard about this from:

Jon “maddog” Hall – What Next?

Board Chair, Linux Professional Instituve

Solutions (what people want):

Could set these up as businesses to make money

RISC-V architecture (from Berkeley)

My question: might there be a day when any software developer who wishes to do so could make a living developing FOSS?

His answer: businesses have moulded their processes to meet the abilities of software. 80% of needs for 80% of people. Need OSS so you can change software.

Some OSS companies he knows in Brazil:

Cesar Brod & Galvão Abbott

Marcus Vinicus Manzona – longtime friend of Maddog and supporter

There’s also Latino TALKS, every Thurs 20h.

Dá para viver sem Photoshop? – Elias Silveira Arte

Look at sponsors of ConFLOSS

e.g. is an open source consultancy in SP!