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About the state

Split into municípios, São Paulo being the most populous (12.3 million), Cotia in 32nd with 257,000.

About the city

From Divisão territorial e administrativa do município de São Paulo:

First, the city recognises “subdivisões geográficas” – not administrative, demarcated only by geographical features like roads and rivers. There’s 10 of these, and they each have their own street sign colour. Not sure what used for beyond that.

And then, administrative regions:

Sometimes the names of subprefeituras and prefeituras overlap (e.g. Pinheiros, Lapa, Vila Mariana)

This map from the prefeitura is the most helpful:

map of subprefeituras and distritos

And then I guess there are just bairros, which aren’t an official concept I think, e.g.

Interesting to look at the renda média and HDI (human development index) of each of these.

Savings etc

There’s something called the CDI (Certificado de Depósito Interbancário), which is maybe like a Bank of England base rate equivalent, dunno? “é uma taxa que determina o rendimento anual de diversos tipos de investimento”, varies daily

determines “quanto o seu dinheiro vai render”.

It sounds like some investments are described as percentages of CDI

It’s the rate that banks lend each other money at

There’s also a Taxa Selic (currently 7.75%), and poupanças rendem 70% of this, I think capped at 0.5% monthly

Tradução juramentada

Price is apparently fixed per page, per state. Two different levels - simple things like an ID card (textos comuns, R$63,94 / page), and then more complicated e.g. technical things (textos especiais, R$89,51 / page).

The Junta Comercial of a state is responsible for registering these folks. Here’s the São Paulo one.

Débito automático


Quando é feito o cadastro de débito automático, demora 30 dias para ocorrer o primeiro pagamento.

(so you need to pay existing ones manually)

Public transport

The stations that I see along the river on the way to Vila Madalena (Berrini, Vila Olímpia, Cidade Jardim, Hebraica-Rebouças, Pinheiros) all belong to Linha 9-Esmeralda. “Uma linha de trens metropolitanos operada pela ViaMobilidade”. Was run by CPTM until Jan 2022, along with Linha 8.

A Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM) é uma sociedade de economia mista operadora de transporte ferroviário vinculada à Secretaria dos Transportes Metropolitanos do Estado de São Paulo.

Sounds like they run the rest of the trens metropolitanos (which I think is commuter rail).

There are currently 6 lines of trens metropolitanos – 7 to 13. The combination of lines 7 and 10 is known as Linha 710.

Lines 10 and 13 offer express services. Linha 13-Jade goes to Guarulhos (the only line that goes there). There’s a “ônibus de integração gratuita entre os terminais do Aeroporto e a Estação da CPTM”.

Estação da Luz is a famous train station (contains Museu da Língua Portuguesa), as is nearby Estação Júlio Prestes (contains Sala São Paulo).

The metrô has 6 lines (1-5 and 15). 15 is the first monorail in Brazil.

The new line they’re building near us is Linha 17-Ouro. Will also be a monorail. Was meant to be ready in 2014. Apparently the latest prediction is 2023. It’s going to connect to Campo Belo station, and there’ll be a new station Vila Cordeiro near us too.

Near home all that we have currently is Campo Belo, ~7 min walk from home. It’s on Linha 5-Lilás.

SPTrans is responsible for the management of the bus network in the city. You can pay by Bilhete Único or cash. The tarifa is R$4,40. But there’s also EMTU (Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos de São Paulo). Not sure what the difference is.

What about longer distances? Like if we wanted to go to the beach?

Most railways in Brazil are for freight transportation or urban passenger transportation. Only two inter-city passenger railways survive: the Carajás Railway (connecting Pará and Maranhão) and the Vitória to Minas Railway (connecting Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais).

There was a planned TAV (trem de alta velocidade), a project of the Governo Federal, which proposed 4 routes. It never “saiu do papel”, they put the SP - RJ project to tender (leilão) and nobody bid since it was financially unviable to build and run.

Trem Intercidades is a project of the SP state government, which will be a train to Campinas (a fair bit north of the city of SP). Not sure where that is yet.

Tarcísio Freitas is the new SP governor. He was Minister of Infrastructure in Bolsonaro’s government. Here’s a list of his campaign promises. One of them is to finish Linha 17. The site lists this as viable within the next 4-year term.

This site has lots of news about the Metrô and CPTM:

They’re apparently putting Linha 22-Marrom to tender, which will go to Granja Viana and Cotia.

Metrô is also R$4,40, not sure if it has zones, don’t think so. You can buy a paper QR code at the máquinas de autoatendimento in the stations, using cash or débito, not crédito.

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